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Bee original Co. isn't just a clothing company, we stand for so much MORE. Our mission is to empower woman, make them feel comfortable in their OWN skin, woman are unique in everyway, and we don't want to hide that...we want to emphasize that!

In today's world, we are constantly online comparing ourselves to what we see on the internet, the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect life.... so on an so forth, it's a self-esteem silent killer! What sets Bee Original co. apart from that is, we make it our goal to represent woman of ALL ethnicities, body shapes, short, tall, big and small, we are all

BEE-utiful Honey!

From our own hand made graphic tees, to our hand crafted earrings in "The Originals" section, you are sure to find something you love! If you're going to be anything, why not Bee Original?!?

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